August 19, 2022
Audible Gift Cards

Audible Gift Card and Audible Credits

Audible Gift Card is a go-to way for people to send gifts. Gifting a book to family and friends is a wonderful way to share and spread love. Books are not like consumables such as drinks, chocolate and cakes; rather they can last forever. 

Books can come in the traditional paper form or the electronic version. There is a third form of books and that is Audible books. You can hear every word just like you would if it were paper or e-version. There is even more advantage to choosing an Audible book since you do not need to keep your eyes on the book. You can listen your Audible book while walking, washing, walking the dog or running on a treadmill.

So, let’s explore how you can give the gift of books with Audible Gift Card and Audible Credits.Audible Gift Cards

How to Give Audible Gift Card (Using Your Own Credit)

Audible Gift Cards are given in the form of buying the Audible book and gifting it to the person you want. To do this you would need to log into your Audible account on your PC, Mac or mobile device. Next you will have to find the book you would want to gift. 

There is the product page where you would normally buy an Audible book for yourself. On this page, click the “Give as a gift” option as indicated just below other payment options. Ensure to pay with your credits and then you can go ahead to follow the instructions regarding how you want the title delivered.

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It is also possible to give an Audible membership gift to someone. Let us explore the steps to do this below.Audible Gift Cards

 Easy Steps to Give Audible Gift Card (Audible Membership Gift)

To give an Audible membership gift you have to navigate to the membership gifting page and choose what plan you want to gift. Find the detailed steps below:

1. First you have to go to the Audible Membership Gift Page on Amazon and choose what membership plan you want to gift. This is where Audible Credits comes in. There are various monthly plans each having a given number of credits. You have to select from four membership plans on offer. Bear in mind that by default the 3-month plan would usually be selected already. The full plans to select from include:

  • 1-Month Plan : You pay $15 and get 1 credit. (The gift recipient is entitled to 1 audiobook and 2 Audible originals.)
  • 3-Month Plan : You pay $45 and get 3 credits. (The gift recipient is entitled to 3 audiobooks and 6 Audible originals.)
  • 6-Month Plan : You pay $90 and get 6 credits. (The gift recipient is entitled to 6 audiobooks and 12 Audible originals.)
  • 12-Month Plan : You pay $150 and get 12 credits. (The gift recipient is entitled to 12 audiobooks and 24 Audible originals.)Audible Gift Cards

Delivering your Member Gift

2. After choosing the membership plan you want to gift, next you would choose delivery method. Choose this on the ‘Personalize’ section where you will have to choose between either “Email” or “Print”. For the Email method, Amazon will send your Membership Gift directly to the email address of the recipient. And for Print, you will have the responsibility of printing and delivering it by yourself.

3. You would then go on to enter the delivery details like the recipient’s name, email address and date of delivery. Next you will select a design from the ‘Customize design section’.

4. There would be a link for you to preview the design of your Audible Membership Gift.

5. Finally it’s time to check out and confirm your purchase. You will select your preferred payment method and billing address and that is all.

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Send An Audible Book to Someone Else (Share)

It is also possible that you share your audible book with someone else. This can be done quite easily and fast by following a few steps. The steps below detail how you can do this:

  1. You can share an Audible book with a friend. Just log in to your Audible app and choose the “My Library” option at the lower part of the screen.
  2. Search and select the Audible book that you would like to share and click the three dots on the right side just beside the title.
  3. You will see an option to “Send this Book”.
  4. Click this option and you would have the option to select delivery method either by email or to send the download link to the recipient.
  5. There you have it.

Tips to Remember Regarding Audible Gift Card

You can gift an Audible membership gift to someone as you please.

If the recipient already has an existing membership, the number of months of membership they receive as gift will start counting once they redeem the gift.

If the recipient does not have an existing membership they will have access to Audible for the duration of the membership gift.

You can share an Audible book with someone as you please.


This detailed article has explored in full details, Audible Gift Card and Audible Credits. We have explained how you can give them in the form of membership gifts and audible books purchased with your credits. You can now go ahead and gift your loved ones any awesome audiobooks of your choice. I would like to hear your thoughts, comments, observations and questions. Kindly use the comment box below.

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