August 19, 2022
Dual Operating Systems Tablet

Best Dual Operating Systems Tablet To Buy in 2022

Dual Operating Systems Tablet can be quite a versatile and useful gadget. Tablets continue to add value to the mobile tech industry with alternative uses than traditional smartphones can offer. Some manufacturers, mostly the smaller names and especially those based in China, offer dual operating systems tablet and the demand seems to be going up.

What a joy to know that you do not have to carry two different tablets around just because of the value you seek to derive from their operating systems. Android devices are known to have a vast array of apps to choose from while Windows devices are particularly known for their productivity suites.

Combining these two desirable elements from both operating systems presents a great combo. These can rival traditional laptops and single OS tablets in almost any area. With a dual operating systems tablet you can switch between the two OS at any time to suit your needs.

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Suffice it to say at this point that the brand names and models might not be the most popular ones. If, however, you desire a functional dual operating systems tablet then you definitely should consider those listed below.Dual Operating Systems Tablet

Choose a Dual Operating Systems Tablet from the List

The Chuwi Hi10 Pro

This dual operating systems tablet is made by a Chinese manufacturer and comes with some really nice features including a large 10.1 inches screen. With a generous 4GM RAM the device also comes with an Intel Atom x5 processor. Other features of the Hi10 Pro include 64GB Memory, battery capacity of 6,500 mAh and a USB type C port. The device comes in a metal case and runs Windows 10 and Android OS.

The ALLDOCUBE iWork10 Pro 2-in-1

Look past the name and embrace this dual operating systems tablet from another Chinese manufacturer. The iWork10 Pro 2-in-1 comes with an external keyboard enabling you to use it as a laptop if you so desire. It runs Windows 10 and Android just like the Hi10 Pro. Other features of this device include a 4GB RAM, Intel 1.92 GHz eighth generation processor, 10.1 inches screen and a good battery life of up to 7 hours.

The Pipo W3F TOZO

Just like the iWork10 Pro 2-in-1, the Pipo W3F TOZO comes with an external keyboard enabling you to utilize it as a laptop if you wish. Running Windows 8.1 ad Android 4.4.2, this device boots up fast with a battery capacity of 7,800 mAh. It also comes with 2GB of RAM, 32GB Memory, 1.83 GHz processor and 10.1 inches screen. You also get a 2MP front camera. You can easily switch between the two operating systems by switching off the tablet and powering on in your chosen OS.

Best Dual Operating Systems Tablet for You

Meet the Teclast Tbook 16 Power

This appears to be the top of the pack among our list. The Teclast Tbook 16 Power comes with a whooping 7GB of RAM, an Intel Atom x7 processor, 8,000 mAh battery capacity, 64 GB of Memory and an external keyboard. With an aluminium case, the device runs Windows 10 and Android 6 with excellent cooling system to avoid overheating. The look is quite compact and attractive.

Dual Operating Systems Tablet

Dual Operating Systems Tablet: Tips to Remember

A dual operating systems tablet can serve a variety of purposes for you. However you must consider some core features you may want to see in your ideal device before making that decision on which one to buy. A few things to consider when going below.

Factors to Consider

  • The RAM – Any RAM size below 4GB will definitely not be a good choice for a dual operating systems tablet.
  • The Processor: A dual operating systems tablet essentially replaces a laptop. Therefore it should have a good enough processor to do so. Ensure you go for devices with the latest processors in the market. These should do a better job serving you.
  • The Storage size: Again, since we are dealing with two operating systems, it is advised that you go for a device with at least 64 GB of storage. This will leave enough space for all the boot files associated with the two operating systems. You will also have some extra space for your use.
  • The Operating systems: Windows and Android seem to be the most readily available combination of operating systems. However these small manufacturers are really flexible in meeting demands. We do not rule out having another OS apart from these two. Your choice really depends on what you want out of your device.
  • The Screen size – A good screen size would range between 10 inches and 14 inches. Again this depends on what you want and how portable you want your device to be.
  • The Battery capacity – Remember that your device would be running dual OS. We advise you go for one with good enough battery capacity to be able to serve you. A battery capacity above 7,000 mAh could suffice for an average user.
  • External devices like keyboard, OTG cable, USB ports should also be considered while making your choice.

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In this article we have explored dual operating systems tablet and all you need to know. Let us know your thoughts, comments, suggestions and observations. Kindly use the comment box below.

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