August 19, 2022
Best Indoor TV for Outdoor Use

Best Indoor TV for Outdoor Use – Reviews & Guide

Best Indoor TV for Outdoor Use? This article will explore some of them and serve as a guide for you.

More and more people keep seeking a relaxed atmosphere where they can take in fresh air while keeping up with their favourite shows on TV. For this reason the best indoor TV for outdoor use remains a top search keyword. A nice patio could serve as a relaxing spot where you could have a TV for your occasional hanging out.

The majority of televisions are made for indoor use and therefore would not stand the elements. A typical indoor television will also not provide the best viewing experience that beams brightly enough and without glares and reflections. The few ones made for outdoor viewing are known to be very expensive.

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This article therefore will provide you a list of best indoor TV for outdoor use. It is not out of place to use an indoor television for outdoor purposes. We however, advocate using them in a way as to protect them from the elements. This will save your indoor television from any sort of damage. A few factors to consider when choosing to use an indoor television outdoors include:

Best Indoor TV for Outdoor Use – Factors to Consider

Image Quality and Fineness

A television to be used for outdoor purposes needs very high image quality and resolution. 4K resolution definitely looks better outdoors than HD. To see those extra details vividly consider using a regular 4K indoor TV outdoors.Best Indoor TV for Outdoor Use

Sharpness and Brightness

You need higher levels of brightness and sharpness for your indoor TV to be useful outdoors. It is usually brighter outdoors and your television prefers a low light environment to show clear images. Ensure you consider a TV with excellent brightness and sharpness for outdoor use. Again, 4K televisions typically have high brightness and sharpness.


A television with good colour blending will make for good outdoor viewing. You can tweak the picture settings of your indoor TV to maximize the colour blend so you can use it outdoor.

List of Best Indoor TV for Outdoor Use

Samsung QN90A QLED

The Samsung QN90A is a QLED TV made for indoor viewing. However, it’s features and settings are fantastic and can be optimized for outdoor use. With better viewing angles you need not worry about glares and reflections. You can use this TV outdoors for gaming, watching your favourite shows and for just about anything. The screen size to choose from ranges between 43 to 98 inches and all sizes come in 4K resolution.

Seura Shade Series 2

The Seura Shade 2 is another in the list of best indoor TV for outdoor use. The unit is compact and comes with excellent specifications. With 4K and HDR readily available you can use this TV outdoors and surely enjoy it. The TV matches all the criteria we have listed earlier and you can get this without spending so much.

You may have to make do with the less than impressive sound system. It comes with aluminium casing helping to prevent any damage from the elements. You should still use this in a covered area regardless.

TCL 55R635 Roku Smart TV

If you came this far in this article seeking the best indoor TV for outdoor use then look no further than the TCL 55 inches 4K HDR QLED Roku Smart TV. You can mount this TV on the wall or on a stand whether indoor or outdoor. The features are excellent and fits the profile for a nice viewing experience without glare or reflections. It comes with fantastic contrast and brightness that makes it fit for an outdoor TV.Best Indoor TV for Outdoor Use

Tips to Remember (Best Indoor TV for Outdoor Use)

This article has explored the main features you should look out for when choosing an indoor TV that will be used outdoors. We have also reviewed a few that are worthy to be used outdoors although they may not have been made as outdoor TVs. To make a choice is usually not easy but you might also want to add cost to the factors we have listed above. Consider also whether you want a used or a new TV for this purpose.

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The brand may not matter much when the other factors are in place. Ensure to have a covering over your patio or the outdoor area where your TV will be mounted. As much the TVs can be used outdoors, protecting them from outdoor elements like sunshine, snow and rain remains key for them to serve you longer without developing avoidable problems.


We have detailed some of the best indoor TV for outdoor use in this article. We would love to hear your thought, inputs, suggestions and observations. Kindly use the comment box below. Thank you for taking time to read this article.

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