August 19, 2022
Cancel ffxiv Subscription

Cancel FFxiv Subscription – What You Need To Know

Cancel ffxiv Subscription by following the laid down steps in this article.

Some people find it quite a challenge figuring out how to cancel ffxiv subscription. Some others just let their subscription run out and then they abandon the account without renewing the subscription. We give you all the details you need to know and hopefully you will find this article useful. Let us dive straight in.

How To Cancel FFxiv Subscription

Lots of people still encounter issues trying to cancel ffxiv subscription. Even the official support channels seem not to provide adequate information on this. Well, you won’t blame them for wanting to keep their customers so desperately. For ffxiv players kindly note that there is a difference between cancelling your subscription and deleting your account. The official support article may point you in the direction of the latter but you can follow the steps outlined below to cancel your subscription.

First step to take is to login to your Mogstation account and navigate to the section Your Account.Cancel ffxiv Subscription

Go to Service Account Status and then select the option to Cancel Subscription. Essentially the next steps will direct you to end auto payment. Usually your payments are automatically taken using the payment method you already set up.

When this is done, if you have some time left on your subscription you will still be able to finish it up. After the expiration of the subscription your login finally expires and you lose access. It is important that you do not select the option to Cancel Service Account. Choosing this option will effectively delete all your game characters and serial numbers from your servers.

What this entails is that for you to get back to ffxiv you would need to start afresh and purchase ffxiv with an entirely new character. For gamers who have invested thousands of hours and resources into developing their character, this would definitely not go down well therefore endeavour to take extra caution while trying to cancel ffxiv subscription.

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After You Cancel FFxiv Subscription What Next?

As explained above when you cancel ffxiv subscription, what happens is that your running or current subscription is cancelled. We also explained that you retain access to your account and can continue to log into the account and make use of it until the subscription period elapses. Afterwards your access to login to the account ceases.

If you need to re-access the account you may need to renew the subscription afresh by adding a payment method and making the payment as usual. Its not in SQUARE ENIX’s policy to issue refunds for subscriptions after making payment. You would therefore like to ensure that you time your cancellation period to come just before the subscription renewal date so as to maximize your payment.

Cancel ffxiv Subscription

Cancel FFxiv Subscription: Other Related Issues

Is it possible to pause my subscription?

Presently we regret to say that its not possible for your subscription to be paused. If by pause, you mean suspending the time remaining on your subscription and resuming whenever you want, then this is not possible at least for now. In the future this could definitely go live as an upgrade or update. We will just keep our fingers crossed.

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Can I Recover my SQUARE ENIX Account?

The answer is an emphatic YES. If for any reason you choose to return to gaming you can simply reactivate your ffxiv account. Again you would need to login to your Mogstation and then go to Your Account and choose Reactivate Service Account. You would then need to proceed and follow the prompts and instructions as they appear.

Can I Delete my SQUARE ENIX Account Permanently?

You can choose to permanently delete your account as well. Just proceed to Square Enix Account Management System after logging in to your account. In the drop down menu, choose Account, and input your DOB if requested. Go ahead Cancel SQUARE ENIX Account and that ends it.

Cancel FFxiv Subscription: Tips to Remember

Your ffxiv One-Time Password

As is the case with most OTP, it serves to strengthen your account security. Your One-Time Password would usually come through a software token like the Square Enix Software Token or a key ring. Your 6 digit password can only be used once hence the name. It grants only the receiver access to the account. This is one way through which SQUARE ENIX keeps your account and personal details safe.

How to get your ffxiv One-Time Password

When you log into your Account, on the Square Enix Account Management System you will select the One-Time Password page. Go ahead and choose Configure Software Token Application. Continue by following the prompts and instructions. A password will be generated and sent to the same email address attached to your gaming account.


In this article we explored all you need to know if you want to cancel ffxiv subscription. We would love to have your thought, comments, suggestions and observations. Kindly use the comment box below.

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