August 19, 2022
Cooling Phone Case

Cooling Phone Case – Do They Really Work?

Cooling Phone Case is a popular solution for overheating mobile devices but does it actually work?

Mobile phones as well as electronic devices often overheat and begin to malfunction in some cases. This could be more frequent when the devices are used in hot or warm surroundings.

Some products aimed at providing a solution to this includes heat sink fins, liquid cooling loops and radiator cooling cases. All these products work to prevent or reduce overheating by taking away heat from the device or supplying it with cooler air or even both.

These products sometimes come with certain disadvantages. They include requiring charging or electricity, being bulky and, of course, the extra cost that comes with getting them. Also some of these cooling devices, especially the fan types, may become less effective in a surrounding where the temperature is warmer than normal room temperature.

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We shall explore cooling phone cases, their types, how they function and their advantages.

Cooling Phone Case Types

Cell Phone Radiators Type

This cooling phone case type comes with a fan. The fan could provide either ordinary or rapid cooling down. The ordinary cooling fan type comes in the form of a mini fan. It has actual blades and could help cool an overheating device. This cooling process may take time but it really does work.

The rapid cooling fan type comes with dual engine and functions in the same way as a refrigerator would. The fan circulates the super cooled air from the radiator causing the phone or device to cool down rapidly within a few seconds. This can really be helpful when your device does a lot of gaming, livestreaming or other processor-intensive activities. Cooling Phone Case


Some advantages of the radiator type cooling phone cases include:

  • Rapid cooling irrespective of ambient temperature (this works in the case of the rapid cooling fan types).
  • Overheating affects battery life and device efficiency. Using radiator type cooling could help save your battery and device.
  • You would need to charge the radiator or use electric power. In either case it is not a very convenient method when one is outdoors.

Thermaphene & Venting Type

Thermaphene belongs to a class of materials termed as thermally-conductive. This simply means that the material dissipates or conducts heat away thereby inducing cooling. The material achieves this by redirecting trapped heat to air vents and channels.

Cooling phone cases made with thermaphene have proven to reduce device temperature by as much as 5 degrees Celsius or about 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Essentially it works in way as to reduce the build-up of heat in a phone case. This works differently from the normal phone case which tends to keep heat trapped in within the phone case leading to overheating.


Some advantages of thermaphene and venting type cooling phone cases include:

  • Organic cooling – No inducement of rapid cooling. This could be detrimental to internal components of the device.
  • No need for charging the cooling device as it does not require electricity.
  • May not offer rapid cooling effect like the radiator type cooling phone case.Cooling Phone Case

Price Range of Cooling Phone Cases

Spending what you can afford for a cooling phone case can pass for a good advice. The prices, however, for these cooling phone cases could range from $2 to $50 depending on the type, technology and brand.

Reviews for Cooling Phone Cases

Different users have different experiences using cooling phone cases. A device known to overheat may function better with a cooling device in a temperate region than in a tropical region. This means that positive and negative reviews must abound for a product like this.

We advise that buyers conduct their own research adequately before making the decision to buy a cooling phone case.

Other Ways to Cool an Overheated Phone

 Remove Phone Case

Most phone cases act as a form of insulation and would naturally keep heat within. The quickest way to get your overheated phone cooled down without spending on extra accessories, is to rip off that phone case. Let the phone breathe some good fresh cool air. Be careful to avoid physical damage to your device now that the protective case has been stripped.

Optimize Your Device’s Settings

There are some settings that could help optimize battery and processor use and thus reduce the chances of your phone overheating. Lower screen brightness, turn off overclocked mode and turn off mobile data when not in use. These features are battery-intensive and would normally cause an increase in temperature.

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Keep Device Away From Heat

Your device could benefit from some cooling if you avoid keeping it close to heat or exposed to the sun. Generally avoid leaving it in any place warmer than normal room temperature. This includes a parked car, close to the oven or even in your pocket since your body radiates heat as well.

Charger Type

Always ensure to charge your device using only original chargers and cables. Using chargers and cables below or above the specs of your device would cause massive overheating during charging. This damages your battery in the long run.

Conclusion on Cooling Phone Cases

We have extensively discussed cooling phone cases in this article. Let me know your thoughts, inputs, suggestions and observations. Please use the comment box below and thank you for reading.

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