August 19, 2022
Facetime Green Screen

Facetime Green Screen on iPhone, iPad & Mac – Fix It

Facetime Green Screen remains an issue for many iOS and Mac users. Multiple users find a green screen before or during FaceTime calls. Others encounter facetime green screen in the form of flickers or an entire blank screen. The result is that the user is unable to connect with friends and family due to this.

Numerous reports from iPhone, iPad and Mac users means that this issue remains a persistent error. This article will detail all you need to know to resolve this error. Hopefully you will enjoy your device again using your favourite video calling app.

We will explore General fixes, iOS fixes, MacOS fixes as well as Other fixes you can apply as you troubleshoot your way out of this issue.

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General Fixes for Facetime Green Screen

Network Connection

To use FaceTime one needs strong internet connection. It could be either WiFi or cellular network connection. What really matters is the signal strength is strong enough. FaceTime requires strong signal strength because both caller and receiver transmit audio and video packets of data.

Doing this requires some good bandwidth to cover the dual traffic. One of the first things you want to check when you encounter Facetime green screen is the strength of your connection. Multiple users on one WiFi may cause a drop in bandwidth.

Distance or obstruction between your device and the WiFi router could also cause issues. You could benefit from moving closer to the router or restarting the router entirely to be sure of internet access. Ensure you check out these to rule out connection issues.

Facetime Green Screen

FaceTime Availability in Your Region

Apple provides a list of available regions where FaceTime works. Ensure your region features in this list of supported locations for Facetime. If not, this could be the reason your device shows FaceTime green screen.

Hardware or Apple ID Issue?

It could actually be that your camera has developed a problem. Try using another video app to confirm this. Also ensure you sign in to your FaceTime accounts with your Apple ID.

iOS Fixes for Facetime Green Screen – iPhone and iPad

There are a couple of things you could do to troubleshoot your iOS device when you encounter FaceTime green screen. They include:

  • Ensure your device is updated. Stay connected on a wireless network and go to Settings, General and click Software Update.
  • If your device is updated, try restarting it. Press and hold the sleep button then slide the screen. Again press and hold the sleep button until Apple logo appears.
  • Set your device date to Automatic. Go to Setting, General, Date and Time then Set Automatically.
  • Restart your device as explained above after turning off FaceTime. Then turn it on again after restart.

Fixes for MacOS Facetime Green Screen

The first tip for troubleshooting FaceTime green screen on your Mac is to restart it. Ensure FaceTime is turned on in your Preferences. If these are alright then try turning off your FaceTime and turning it back on. You can can also reset the System Management Controller (SMC).

Also ensure you have the latest version of your MacOS. An uninstalled recent update may be responsible for the green screen. Try resetting your NVRAM as detailed in this article on TechFinance Blog. Your device date should also be set to “Set Automatically” in your Preferences.

Facetime Green Screen

Other Fixes for Facetime Green Screen

Update Your Device – iPhone, iPad or Mac

A software update from Apple usually serves to fix bugs and improve overall user experience. Ensure you have checked for updates manually. Also keep automatic updates turned on.

  • For iPhone, iPad Update: Go to SettingsGeneral, Software Update, then Download and Install Software Update.
  • For Mac Update: Go to Apple menuSystem Preferences, Software Update, then Download and Install Software Update.

Disable & Re-Enable Your FaceTime

It is possible to disable and re-enable FaceTime in either iOS or Mac devices. When you encounter FaceTime green screen try this as you troubleshoot. In iOS, disable your FaceTime by going to Settings, FaceTime and then disable. Restart your device and enable FaceTime again. In Mac, launch your FaceTime app, select Preferences, disable it and then enable it again.

FaceTime Could Be Down

When FaceTime faces downtime, the chances of seeing a FaceTime green screen increases exponentially. Quickly visit Apple Support Status Page to find out if your issue is caused by a general down time. There would usually be a green symbol for FaceTime on the Page signifying that the service is available.

Force Restart Your Device

Force restart helps your device to refresh the memory and clear any bugs. Go ahead and reboot your device now as described above. For Mac, simply go to Apple Menu and click Restart.

Contact Apple Support

Apple Support remains the ultimate destination if you have tried all listed solutions above unsuccessfully. You will always find help there when all other options fail. Go ahead and contact Apple Support now. You could finally have the solution to your FaceTime green screen issue.


We have extensively addressed the green screen issue with FaceTime for iOS and Mac devices. We would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, observations and comments. Kindly use the comment box below.

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