August 19, 2022
Instagram Message Recovery

Instagram Message Recovery – Recover Deleted Instagram Messages

Instagram Message Recovery is actually possible contrary to some opinions.

Instagram is among the most used social media platforms having over 1 billion users. The daily user traffic for Instagram is also in the billions. The platform was developed specially for sharing pictures, stories and videos with friends and loved ones.

This was the initial plan however Instagram has over time, introduced the popular Direct Messaging feature. This feature is widely used in other social media platforms like Messenger, Twitter, Snapchat etc. Instagram was bought over by Facebook who have gone ahead to rebrand itself to Meta.

This takeover has yielded positive results for Instagram. Instagram sees new features added periodically all in a bid to make for better experience for the users.

The Direct Messaging feature (DM) allows users to communicate privately by sending videos, messages, pictures, files and lots more. As is often the case, situations arise where a user has deleted some messages and now wants to Recover them. Instagram Message Recovery

So we have provided you this comprehensive guide. Let us unravel the various ways we can accomplish this task.

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Steps for Instagram Message Recovery

The Direct Messaging feature of Instagram is available for both Android and iOS users therefore anyone in either of these categories can do Instagram Message Recovery. Here are various ways to achieve this.

1. Instagram Message Recovery from Your Instagram Data

I am not sure if it is good or bad news that your messages are not entirely wiped when you delete them. Of course when you hit delete, you will not see them anymore on your Instagram app however there are copies of all your messages stored in the backend including the deleted ones.

You can send a request to Instagram and you will have them recovered.

Follow these simple guide:

  • Open your Instagram app and ensure you’ logged into your account.
  • At the bottom, select to view your profile and select settings.
  • Click security and under Data and History, select “Download Data”. Instagram has also created a Data Download Request Page for this and you can proceed to the page as well to make this request.
  • Supply your email address and you can click on “Request Download”. Within 48 hours Instagram will compile a file containing all the information available about your account. You will find a download link to this file in your email.

Go ahead and download the file to your device. After downloading, there are a few more steps to follow to achieve full Instagram Message Recovery.

  • You will need a json editor app installed on your device. This is because the file you have downloaded will be in json format.
  • After installing a json editor, now extract the downloaded file and launch the json editor app.
  • Search for the data folder and locate the file named “messages.json”.
  • In this file you should have all your Instagram messages including the deleted ones.Instagram Message Recovery

Instagram Message Recovery using Facebook

As stated earlier, Facebook, now Meta, owns Instagram. They have implemented a number of functionalities making it possible to send posts, stories and direct messages across Instagram and Messenger seamlessly. It used to be possible to Recover Deleted Instagram Messages using Facebook but we cannot tell how reliable this method is currently.

Recent updates to Facebook may have altered how Instagram and Facebook Messenger communicate and synchronize thereby making it difficult to use this method effectively Recover Deleted Instagram Messages.

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Instagram Message Recovery using Third-Party Sites

Some third-party apps claim they can help you Recover Deleted Instagram Messages using their apps or tools. A quick search on Google will reveal some of these third-party sites and applications. However we cannot verify the authenticity of any of them.

We urge caution as you navigate these sites as some of them could be unsafe, insecure and may render you vulnerable to hacks and scams. These third-party sites might request your personal data to enable them do the recovery. You must act with utmost care to avoid endangering yourself and your device.

Common Reasons For Deleted Instagram Messages

A few reasons could well be responsible for deleted Instagram messages and these could be accidental or intentional. A virus infection could lead to deleted system files. This could affect Instagram messages in the process.

If you have recently done a factory reset of your device, your Instagram messages could also have been deleted in the process. Sometimes an error to the device hard disk might also cause deletion of Instagram messages.

Tips to Remember

When you are seeking to Recover Deleted Instagram Messages, just take a deep breath. Remember that you are not alone. Multiple other users have at some time had the same challenge and have found a way to overcome it. The steps we have shared above should serve as a useful guide.


In this article we have showed how you can perform Instagram Message Recovery. Let us know if you have found the article helpful. Also share your thoughts, comments and observations using the comment box below. We would love to hear from you.

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