August 19, 2022
Google Play Services Keeps Stopping

Quick Fix for ‘Google Play Services Keeps Stopping’

Google Play Services Keeps Stopping represents one of those annoying errors encountered while using most Android devices. At the very heart of Android system operations is Google Play Services. The primary function of Google Play Services is to connect all apps in your device to other Google services like Google Maps and Google Sign-In. Google Play Services are built into the Android Operating System and cannot be found in Google Play Store.

Since Google Play Services is at the heart of Android OS functioning, any disruptions to it always has serious consequences for the user. It is for this reason we will explore some quick fixes for this Google Play Services Keeps Stopping error.

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How to Fix ‘Google Play Services Keeps Stopping’

To fix ‘Google Play Services Keeps Stopping’ we will explore various solutions so that hopefully you will find the solution you seek.

1. Do a Hard-Restart on Your Android Device

This is the easiest solution to this error. Sometimes, all your device needs is just a good hard-restart to allow the processor reboot and synchronize afresh. So just go ahead and hard-restart your device by doing the following:

  1. Press and hold power button to reveal the shutdown menu.

2. Next you will select power down from the icons on your screen.

3. The device has powered down. Next you will hold the power button to restart it.

4. After restarting your device, proceed to Google Play Store to verify that the issue has resolved.Google Play Services Keeps Stopping

2. Update Device Date and Time Settings

For most internet-enabled devices, the device date and time are always accurate. However if for any reason the device date and time settings are wrong, this can cause Google Play Services to fail. As simple as it sounds, this is one of the reasons Google Play Services Keeps Stopping. These simple steps will help you change your device date and time settings.

  1. In your device Settings, select System.

2. Next you will select Date and Time option.

3. At this point please ensure that you enable the option “Automatic Date and Time”.

If you are unable to set this automatically then try setting it manually.

3. Restore a Previous Version of Google Play Store App

App updates are obviously for the wellbeing of your device. But ironically, your last update could be the reason you for this error. You might need to restore a previous version of Google Play Store and below are the steps you can take:

  1. In you device Settings, select Apps & Notifications.

2. Click to view all apps.

3. Identify the Google Play Store. It will be listed as one of the Apps.

4. Disable the Google Play Store App and restore the original version.

5. It is time to restart your device.

6. After restarting your device, proceed to Google Play Store to verify that the issue has resolved.

Doing this will cause Play Store to re-update to the latest version and hopefully it will be correctly updated this time.

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4. Clear the Data and Cache of Your Google Play Services & Play Store

This solution works pretty much for any malfunctioning App on your device. Your Android OS works in a way to keep cached files and data to enable smooth running of various apps and also to keep tailoring your in-app experiences in line with your history of use of the app. At some point these cached files and data piles up so much that it could cause disruptions and malfunctions except they are cleared.

Clearing the cache can serve as a quick fix for Google play services keeps stopping. It simply helps to refresh device memory and increase processing power. The steps outlined below will guide you to clear the data and cache of your google play services.

  1. In your device Settings select Apps & Notifications and view all apps.

2. Navigate to Google Play Store App. It will be listed as one of the apps.

3. Select Storage on the app’s page and clear data.

4. Also do this for Google Play services.

5. Restart your device.

6. After restarting your device, proceed to Google Play Store to verify that the issue has resolved.

5. Update your Google Play Store and Google Services Apps

It sounds ironic that what seems a solution could also be a problem but this is how technology responds sometimes. Whereas we have proffered an earlier solution by asking that you restore Play Store to an earlier version, in this case, updating an outdated version could be the solution.

Follow these steps to update your Google Play Store.

  1. Go to your Google Play Store and select menu; the menu is indicated by three horizontal lines.

2. Check if there are updates that are pending by selecting My apps and games.

3. If Google Play Services has not been updated to the latest version, make sure to download it at this point.

4. Restart your device. After restarting your device, proceed to Google Play Store again to verify that the issue has resolved.Google Play Services Keeps Stopping

6. Change To Wi-Fi instead of Cellular Network

Sometimes the solution to this error could be as simple as ensuring there is good WiFi network and then going ahead to complete any pending download of updates. If Google Play Store or Google Play Services is unable to download updates over cellular network, after a prolonged period they will likely fail.

The solution in this case is simple. If you are using a mobile network then switch to a WiFi or any other wireless connection.

7. Remove Your Google Account

This could be an extreme solution but it could well be that your device has not correctly added a user account. You might just need to remove the user account and add it again.

Follow the steps outlined below to resolve this:

  1. In your device Settings, select Accounts.

2. Choose the particular Google Account to remove then go ahead to remove it. Note that it is advised that you have backed up every information you have connected to the account you are removing. This will ensure you do not lose any information in this process.

3. Next you will add that Google account again. Now check to see if the issue has been resolved.

8. Install Google Play Store from a Third-Party

Extreme situations call for extreme measures. If you have tried all other options without successfully clearing this error message then you have to try this solution as well. There are third party APK sites where you can download Google Play Store to fix this issue and of course you can check them on google.

Ensure you have first downloaded and installed a file manager to handle this for you. It is advised to also enable sideloading of apps.

9. Restore your Device to Factory Settings

This is our final and most consequential solution. Restoring factory settings on your device will essentially return it to it’s brand new state. This will get rid of every update that could be causing the glitch in your Google Play Services thus restoring normalcy.

Before proceeding with this brutal solution please ensure you have backed up all your data and files including pictures, apps, videos, contacts etc. It is also advised to plug your device into a power source before starting the process.

When you are ready, please follow these steps below:

  1. In your device Settings, go to System.

2. Select Advanced and then select Reset.

3. Select the option to Erase all data. This is factory reset.

4. Now erase everything and as the device restarts, go ahead and do the initial set up.

Hopefully this final brutal step solves this issue for you.

Why ‘Google Play Services Keeps Stopping’

As outlined above, reasons for this error occurring could range from software problems to network problems to wrong version of Google Play Services. It could also be down to incorrect date and time settings on your device or uncleared cache folder.

It could just plainly be that Google has rolled out incorrect version of Google Play Services and of course this is usually unintended.

Devices Affected by ‘Google Play Services Keeps Stopping’

The vast majority of users that encounter this error fall under the Android devices category. Seeing that we are talking about Google Play Services and Google Play store, it is already clear that this issue may not be common among iOS devices. Android devices including mobile phones and tablets have a high chance of experiencing this error.

Tips to Remember When Google Play Services Keeps Stopping

If you encounter ‘Google Play Services Keeps Stopping’ error, know that you are not alone.

Also know that this can be fixed and it is not the end of the world.

Take a deep breath and follow the steps we have outlined below to restore your device to normal.


We have explored quick fix for ‘Google Play Services Keeps Stopping’. We hope you have found the article helpful? Let us hear your thoughts, comments, suggestions and observations. Please use the comment box below.

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