August 19, 2022
Roku Not Connecting To WiFi

Roku Not Connecting To WiFi – What To Do

Roku Not Connecting To WiFi could seem like a big problem.

Roku is a popular digital media brand manufactured by Roku, Inc. which is a United States based company. With Roku devices you gain access to numerous online services and their streamed content.

Roku first hit the market in 2008 when they partnered Netflix to release their flagship model. Since then, the cheap cost for high quality content offered by Roku effectively set the brand apart and helped publicize it.

Presently, Roku is reported to have more than a whooping 50 million users. However, as an electronic device, Roku could develop issues that punctures your streaming experience thereby causing frustration.

It gets even more frustrating to find out that your Roku device is connected to your home network but you still cannot access any content online. This article, Roku Not Connecting To WiFi – What To Do, will serve as a guide when you encounter such issues.

Roku Not Connecting To WiFi

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Reasons For Roku Not Connecting To WiFi

WiFi Not Working Properly

Many times the causes of seemingly large problems lie in very little things. When you find Roku Not Connecting To WiFi you should first verify if your WiFi is working properly. More often than not the WiFi connectivity is the issue.

Do a quick internet connection test by using your mobile device to connect to your home WiFi (the same WiFi that you connect your Roku device to). Try to open a website like YouTube and stream a video. If you are able to successfully watch a YouTube video on your mobile device then the problem is not with your WiFi.

Distance Between Your WiFi and Roku Device

This represents another simple reason why your Roku device cannot connect to the WiFi. The signal strength of your WiFi reduces with distances. This is the reason you need booster devices in some rooms of your house to be able to have strong reception.

Always ensure there is no obstruction between the Roku device and your WiFi device. If the distance between them is substantial it could be beneficial to bring them closer. Once your Roku device has a better linear sight of your WiFi device the wireless signal connection is quickly improved.

WiFi Password Is Incorrect

You might have tampered with your WiFi network either intentionally or unknowingly. When this happens your Roku device automatically ceases to connect to the internet until you input the correct password. So is your Roku Not Connecting To WiFi? Ensure to verify the password of your WiFi device.

The default password of your WiFi would always be printed on one side of the device. Quickly check this with the password entered on your Roku device to ensure they match. If they match then the problem is definitely not from your WiFi device password.

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Quick Fixes for Roku Not Connecting To WiFi

The following solutions could serve as quick fixes for your Roku device when experiencing network connection issues.

Restarting The Roku Device

Again this solution sounds easy. In truth, most connectivity issues with Roku devices just require simple fixes as this. Quickly restart your Roku device to enable it boot up afresh and power on with clear device memory. A restart also helps the device get rid of possible software bugs that could hinder connectivity.Roku Not Connecting To WiFi

Restarting and Resetting The WiFi Router

Restarting your WiFi router could also help it clear the memory and aid its connectivity to the internet. This should be one of the first solutions to your Roku not connecting to WiFi.

It could do more good to even reset the WiFi router entirely. Resetting your WiFi device offers a deeper level of memory clearing and bug clearance. Your WiFi router would have the reset button most likely at the back side. Perform the reset and watch your Roku device connect seamlessly again to it.

Connect Roku Device to WiFi with an Ethernet Cable

Good old wired connections prove more reliable than wireless ones especially in the case of internet connections. Wired connections could improve stability and speed of your internet connection.

Your Roku device mostly connects to the WiFi via the wireless connection but to resolve this connectivity issue try to connect to the WiFi using an ethernet cable. This effectively solves the issue of distance between both devices. Note that not all Roku devices have an ethernet port so this solution may not apply to you.

Tips To Remember When Roku Not Connecting To WiFi

When your Roku device is faced with network connectivity issues just ensure you have done all the listed troubleshooting and your Roku device should hopefully reconnect to the WiFi. You can now carry on enjoying your online streamed videos.


In this article we have looked at Roku Not Connecting To WiFi – What To Do. We hope the article helped you resolve the connectivity issues with your Roku device? Let us know your thoughts, inputs, suggestions and observations. We would love to hear from you. Please feel free to use the comment box below.

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