August 19, 2022
Samsung One Connect Box

Samsung One Connect Box – Is It Worth Buying?

Samsung One Connect Box is a purpose-built media hub specially crafted by Samsung for their high-end QLED televisions.

It has a TV tuner built into it which helps it support the One Connect feature of Samsung’s high-end TV models. This box serves as a central connectivity hub. It avails your television with a wired connectivity that is free of clutter.

Connection to audio, video, IR, RF, ethernet, USB and HDMI are all built into the Samsung One Connect Box. The box receives all these different signal cables and delivers them as just one line of input into your QLED television. Isn’t it amazing?

Well, you do not have to worry about how to get the sound bar, the ethernet cable, the HDMI cable, DVD player, your TV box (receiver) and Apple TV all connected to your television. Here you have the solution. See a list of the available ports on the Samsung One Connect Box for all your input devices:

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  • 4 HDMI ports
  • 3 USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports
  • 1 Coax port

These are all input ports. You will also find:

  • Optical digital audio output port
  • 1 Ex link
  • 1 Cat 5 ethernet input port

Samsung One Connect Box

Pro’s of Samsung One Connect Box

Dealing with numerous input devices and the cable clutter that comes with them presents a challenge for users who are concerned with aesthetics. Multiple cables and cords going in and out from one device to another and all finally linking to the television is not the sight you want to see after spending heavily to land that QLED television.

If anything, the TV should serves as a crown on the bundle of fineness that your living room presents to the eyes. With the Samsung One Connect Box there really is no room for messy cables.

Any Challenges with the Samsung One Connect Box?

No doubt the Samsung one connect box brings powerful simplicity to your audio visual experience. However, you may have a few issues to handle. No need worrying, we will offer solutions as well.

The first challenge is that the connect box’s cable may not be long enough to reach the television depending on how you position the two devices. You may want to consider placing your television a bit closer to the connect box so as to overcome this issue. If you so desire, you could opt for longer connect cables but you should be ready for some extra spending.

With a short connect cable comes the challenge of where to mount or place the Samsung one connect box. For those concerned about aesthetics, mounting the connect box on the wall could represent an undesirable choice. The thought of drilling holes into the wall and the associated repainting and spending sounds distasteful especially doing so just for your connect box.

So how do you get around this? You may want to use a TV stand with brackets to mount your television and place the connect box just below it. Not the best of solutions for a good look but one that should save you extra spending. If you do not mind the extra spending then please go ahead to drill your connect box into the wall where it will stay close to the television.

Supported Devices

All Samsung QLED TVs from 2018 or newer will need a Samsung One Connect Box for connection. You may have received some shock finding out your QLED TV did not come with the usual cables and ports.

Well, this is just a sign that you belong to Samsung’s elite class of high-end TV users. The QLEDs are the premium bunch of Samsung televisions and this means some innovative features to go alongside. For now, the QLED category remains the only supported televisions capable of using the Samsung one connect box.Samsung One Connect Box

Connecting Your Samsung One Connect Box

It may appear an easy task but connecting your television to the connect box could be quite a challenge for some people. The steps listed below should help guide you as you connect your television to your connect box.

  • There is a One Connect port behind the TV. Connect your Samsung one connect cable to this port.
  • Also connect the remaining end of the one connect cable to your one connect box.
  • Ensure you have plugged in all your input devices into their respective ports on the Samsung One Connect Box.
  • Lastly plug in the power cord of the connect box on the box and into a power source.
  • You are now all set up with your connections.

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Samsung One Connect Box – Worth It or Not?

For aesthetics, for ease, for quality, for simplicity and indeed for sheer innovation, the one connect box cannot be ignored. If you love less cable clutter then you would love the Samsung One Connect Box. If you love a smart looking high performance audio-visual connection hub you would love this device.

Spending power and patterns differ among people and so does choices. It really is up to the consumer to decide if the One Connect box is worth it or not.

Tips to Remember

The Samsung One Connect Box is powerful. It brings so much to the table with minimal down sides. the review and guide provided above should help you make that decision whether or not to go for this device.


In this article we have discussed the Samsung One Connect Box and all you need to know. We would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, inputs and observations. Kindly use the comment box below.

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