August 19, 2022

SendVid – Upload, Download and Send Videos Easily

SendVid is a free video sharing platform allowing users to upload and share videos online. Unlike many online platforms that require sign up and memberships, uploading and sharing videos using SendVid does not require any of such. No payment is required and your videos when uploaded remain private until you share them.

How much better can it get? This service could be beneficial for saving and sharing those special moments you have captured with your device.

The company claims to have entered into strategic partnerships that enables them handle large-scale video hosting services using new generation equipment. This could mean improved speed of uploading videos, larger video sizes, easier access to sharing and so on. Just about anyone can make use of the service either using the app or via a browser.

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Although the service does not detail how you can download your videos from SendVid we have got it figured out for you in this article. There are several ways you can use the platform and they include the following:

Upload videos – This is obviously the primary use of the platform.

Save as private videos – For some people this platform serves as a storage device for videos they wish to keep private.

Share videos – You can share the videos on social media platforms like Facebook (Meta), Twitter, Reddit, and others.

Attach videos to emails – You can also add SendVid videos as email attachments.

It is also possible to send or embed the videos in chats or on online forums, blogs and websites.

Upload Videos On SendVid

As stated earlier, the platform does not require sign up or membership to upload videos. All you need to do is get on the website, click the upload button and select the video of your choice and it will be uploaded. You can choose to use the SendVid app for uploads as well.

Send Videos via SendVid

Sending or sharing the videos you uploaded takes just a few clicks. The service supports numerous video sharing options including social media networks, email as well as text messaging. The sharing options are diverse indeed.

Download Videos on SendVid

Disclaimer: TechFinance Blog does not encourage illegal download and use of videos belonging to other people. Do not download videos from SendVid whose copyright does not belong to you. The download methods discussed in this article are purely for educational purposes only.

There are a couple third party platforms that claim they can help download SendVid videos using their tools. They include TubeNinja, HLS Downloader, 9xBuddy, Video Converter Factory and CocoCut Downloader.SendVid


To download videos from SendVid you need to copy the link to the video and paste it on TubeNinja. You will then be provided with a link to download and save the chosen video to your device. You can also use TubeNinja to save playlists, convert to mp3 and send audio all from SendVid. All you need is the link to the content and TubeNinja will do the rest for you.

HLS Downloader

HLS stands for HTTP Live Streaming Protocol. This is one way of downloading SendVid videos but you would need to install the browser video downloader extension to use it.

When playing a SendVid video after successfully installing the HLS Downloader browser extension, a red dot over the extension icon indicates the video is available to be downloaded.

Click the icon and choose the video resolution you want and your video will download but in ts format. You can easily convert to your choice format using any online video converter of your choice.


9xBuddy is a video downloader used only online to download videos using the video URL. You just need to add before the URL and press Enter. Then you will see a prompt to select the format and video quality for download. You can also use the 9xBuddy website directly and simply paste the video URL and download it.

Video Converter Factory

The video converter factory also makes use of the HTTP Live Streaming Protocol to download videos from SendVid and multiple other websites. You can download videos in batches and in multiple qualities including UHD and also convert and edit the videos after download.

To use this option you will need to copy the video URL and paste in the “New Download” section of your downloader and then select “Paste and Analyze.” You will then select the video quality option and it will queue in your download list.

CocoCut Downloader

CocoCut video downloader is a browser extension you can use to download SendVid videos. It works just like other browser extension downloaders as it detects videos for download when playing. The advantage of CocoCut downloader is that you can save the downloaded video in mp4 format therefore no need to convert the videos after download.

The downloader icon turns green when it detects a video available for download. You will then click the icon and select “Download”. After downloading simply click save to save the file in mp4 format.

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Tips to Remember

SendVid can be used to upload, store and share videos. You can share the videos to multiple social networks and messaging platforms. To download your uploaded videos simply follow the detailed steps above.


We have explored all you need to know about SendVid in this article. We would love to hear your thought, suggestions, observations and comments. Kindly use the comment box below.

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