August 19, 2022
Steam Screenshot Folder

Steam Screenshot Folder Location on Windows and MacOS

Steam Screenshot Folder location remains one of the top concerns for gamers. It could happen that an interesting scene shows up on screen or that you have just achieved an extraordinary milestone in the game.

Such occasions call for a “proof-of-achievement” token so as to celebrate your feat by sharing with friends. For some other gamers, that screenshot is needed to prove a bug in the game as you file a report with the developers.

For this cause, it is in-built in Steam to take screenshots while gaming and be able to capture to special moments. More exciting is the fact that one can share these screenshots on Steam social. Don’t joke with those bragging rights please. Let us briefly introduce the game, Steam.

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About Steam

Developed by Valve Corp, Steam is a very popular digital gaming and sharing platform. With Steam one can buy and play lots of video games. There Steam Overlay is a feature of Steam that provides the platform for access to the Steam community and all its features while in-game.

This Steam Overlay is important as we will see later. Not only this but also for making purchases in-game, trading and lots more. All these features are available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and even Android.

Many Steam gamers are aware of these extensive features and platforms in Steam but many do not still know how to find Steam Screenshot Folder Location in their computer. This is the focus of this article so if this is your question then you have your answer right here. Let us dive straight into it. Steam Screenshot Folder

Finding Steam Screenshot Folder in Steam

There are a couple of ways you can find Steam Screenshot Folder Location and the first is in Steam itself. The steps below will show how you can easily navigate and find this in Steam:

1. First you have to open (launch) Steam on your computer.

2. Locate the menu bar and just click “View.” Next you will click “Screenshots.” At this point a window will come up; this is the Screenshot Uploader.

3. Select Show dropdown menu in the Screenshot Uploader to choose the particular game with the screenshots you need.

4. Next you will click “Show on Disk.” At this point you will see a folder window (file explorer) containing the screenshots. You finally located the Steam Screenshot Folder.

Finding Steam Screenshot Folder From Your Computer’s File System

Whether you use Windows, MacOS or Linux we have got you covered. You would first need to navigate to the directory where Steam is installed on your computer.

If you use Windows, the default installation directory for Steam is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam

If you use Mac, the default installation directory for Steam is Users/{username}/Library/Application Support/Steam. Note that the username in this case is not your Steam username but the username of your Mac.

For Linux users, the default installation directory for Steam is ~/.local/share/Steam.

After finding Steam’s installation directory, please follow the next steps to locate the screenshots of your choice.

  1. Go to the directory “Userdata.” If you have set up multiple accounts in your Steam client, there will be multiple folders with different numbers for different names. These numbers are the user ID numbers for those multiple accounts. Of course if you have just one account then this will be very straightforward for you as you will only find one user ID there.
  2. Go to your user folder then find the folder “760.” Open this folder and you will find another folder “remote.”  Open this “remote” folder.
  3. Next you will have to locate the folder of the particular game you are looking for. Each game has a game ID which can be found on Steam website. Quickly retrieve the game’s ID from there and then proceed to the next step. If you play just a few games then it will be easy for you to find the game’s ID.
  4. If you have found the game’s ID, search for the folder and then open it. There you will find the folder “screenshots”.

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Steam Screenshot Folder

Finding Your Steam ID

In some cases you might need to provide your Steam ID before you can view those screenshots. If perhaps you do not akready know your Steam ID just follow these simple steps below.

1. Open your Steam client and Click on “view.”

2. Next you will choose “settings” and select interface. There you can find “Display Steam URL address when available”.

3. Just check the box and save.

4. Navigate to your Steam Profile and select “View profile.” There will be a number at the end located in the URL. This is your Steam ID.

Why Search for Steam Screenshot Folder?

For online gamers the need to take screenshots can never be overemphasized. Any in-game achievements deserve on-screen proofs and screenshots are the best proofs. It can be important for gamers’ bragging rights. 

Beyond the social need, screenshots are even more important in situations where one may need evidence to report in-game bugs to developers. These screenshots can be viewed, copied, moved, deleted, sent or shared.

Tips to Remember When Looking for Steam Screenshot Folder

You can find Steam Screenshot Folder either in Steam or using your computer’s file system. We have detailed both steps above for both new and old gamers.


In this article we have explored how to find Steam Screenshot Folder. Hopefully this helps make your gaming journey even more fun. Let us know your thoughts, comments, suggestions and observations. You can also join the conversation in the comment box below.

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