August 19, 2022
Macbook Pro Won't Turn On or Charge

What to Do When MacBook Pro Won’t Turn On or Charge

Macbook Pro Won’t Turn On or Charge? This could be really distressing and disruptive.

Your MacBook just like your phone contains so much files and information that are relevant to everyday living. Sometimes our lives could literally be built around these devices so much so that we seem not to have the ability to live without them.

A faulty MacBook could mean that you do not turn up for work on time if you work from home. For some others it could mean the loss of very important files that may not have backup copies. So when MacBook Pro won’t turn on or charge it is a pretty serious situation and many would do just about anything to get it functioning again. Macbook Pro Won't Turn On or Charge

The reasons for your MacBook not turning on could be as simple as low battery power and could be as complex as a faulty logic board. In this article we will explore top things to do when MacBook won’t turn on and the solutions proffered apply to most of the recent versions of MacOS.

Irrespective of the version of your MacOS the functions are essentially similar and whether you are a technical person or not, this article should help you. If perhaps you exhaust the options listed here without success we advise that you turn to a professional to help you.

Troubleshooting: MacBook Pro Won’t Turn On or Charge

Ensure the Battery Is Not Flat

This sounds simple but could well be the reason your Mac won’t turn on or charge. Be sure you have not run out of battery power. Do this check by quickly plugging in your MacBook charger.

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Once charging resumes, give your MacBook about 20 minutes to accumulate enough power to be able to go through the power on process. It takes quite some battery power to power your MacBook therefore it is not advised to try turning it on when the battery has gone flat without adequate charging.

Check the Power Connection, Charger and Cable

Another simple and obvious fix would be to check the power connection after you have plugged your charger into the MacBook. All connections have to be tight enough for smooth flow of power. Inspect the charger and the cord for physical and electrical damages. An electrical damage could have happened to your charger if you recently experienced a power surge or power cut.

Also try using another wall socket just to ensure a faulty socket is not responsible for your debacle. If you can, you could benefit from using another charger as well. Ensure the specs of the different charger matches that of your MacBook model. Just try all options to ensure you have ruled out faulty power connection as the problem.Macbook Pro Won't Turn On or Charge

Unplug All Peripherals & Accessories From Your MacBook

Some peripheral devices and accessories could be the reason your MacBook Pro won’t turn on or charge. Simply unplugging these could do the magic. USB hubs, external keyboards and printers are just some peripherals that could cause Mac not to turn on or charge.

Faulty Screen?

Your MacBook could well have turned on but you cannot see anything due to a faulty screen. You would need to check for few things to see if you are dealing with a faulty screen instead. When nothing shows up on the screen after you press the power button please check for lights and sounds.

If your Mac powers on without any display on the screen then the start-up sound, the fan sound, the hard drive sound or the keyboard lights could serve as indicators. You might need to place the MacBook closer to your ears to observe and hear the sounds. A feel of the fan air blowing through the vents is another indicator to check for.

Also check the Apple logo behind the screen to see if it is lit even if dimly. Turn on your Caps Lock and see if it lights up. If any of these indicators are on then you are dealing with a faulty screen and not a Mac not turning on.

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 Do a Power Cycle

Performing a power cycle could work if you have tried the previously mentioned options without success. A power cycle serves to briefly disconnect your MacBook from power (totally) and restarts the computer.

Do this by holding down the power button for at least 10 seconds. At the point when the power is cut off you would hear a tiny squeaky sound. Try restarting the computer after doing this. For a Mac desktop please unplug and leave your computer for about 10 seconds before plugging in and restarting.

Safe-Boot Your MacBook

You can safely boot your MacBook. This process entails that your computer boots up with just a few essential functionalities in order to perform diagnostics and attempt to correct any issues. After a successful safe boot you can then restart your computer normally. A safe-boot could reset your machine enabling it to resume working properly when MacBook Pro won’t turn on or charge.

You have to be sure if your MacBook is powered by M1 or Intel. For M1 MacBook, just press and hold the power button till the startup options pops up. Select the startup disk, press and hold “Shift” and choose to continue in safe mode.

For Intel MacBook simply press the power button as you hold down “Shift”.Macbook Pro Won't Turn On or Charge

Other Solutions When MacBook Pro Won’t Turn On or Charge

The options listed below represent more drastic measures that should fix the issue.

  1. Resetting the PRAM / NVRAM
  2. Use Disk Utility in Recovery Mode
  3. Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC) Firmware
  4. Reinstalling MacOS

As stated earlier, these are drastic measures and you should only resort to them if you couldn’t successfully turn on your MacBook after exhausting the first set of solutions we discussed.

Tips to Remember When MacBook Pro Won’t Turn On or Charge

We have detailed some what you can do when MacBook Pro won’t turn on or charge. When faced with this undesirable situation, take a deep breath and realize that the challenge is not peculiar to you. Hopefully this article brings you the help you seek to power your MacBook back to life again.


This article, What to Do When MacBook Pro Won’t Turn On or Charge, wraps up here. We would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, observations and input. Let us know by using the comment box below.

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